A lorry must have a functioning engine-independent heating system – not only due the fact that winters can be quite severe, but also to comply with current EU legislation.

All too frequently, however, the heating no longer works and the repair or reconditioning of the heating system represents yet another expense, in addition to the constantly rising prices for fuel, tolls, personnel and essential maintenance on the vehicle fleet.

WARMPOL offers the sustainable alternative to purchasing new equipment.

Since 2007, we have been supplying refurbished spare parts for heating systems on very favourable terms.

Our service is based on a system of exchange: faulty components are replaced by refurbished and tested ones at highly competitive prices.

WARMPOL supplies the following components:
  • Blowers and burner for Eberspächer Airtronic D2 and Airtronic D4 heaters
  • Blowers, control units and printed circuit boards for Eberspächer D1LC compact, D3LC compact, D1LC, D3LC and D5LC and D8LC heaters
  • Blowers, burner and control units for Webasto AirTop 2000, AirTop 2000ST, AirTop 35000 and AirTop 35000ST heaters
  • Blowers and control units for Webasto DW80 heaters

1 year guarantee!

If you don’t have your own workshop, you can have your entire heating system refurbished by WARMPOL.

The high value of our sustainably refurbished components in terms of cost effectiveness, quality and environmental impact makes WARMPOL stand out as an environmentally and future-orientated manufacturer with some of the highest standards in Europe.